2015 exhibition review
2015 Chinese international car, minicar genuine accessories exposition on May 28, 2015 -30 grand opening at the Zhengzhou International Exhibition center. All China Federation of industry and Commerce Union Auto parts and accessories industry association executive vice president and Secretary General of the long Li Baomin of exhibition successfully held to give a high evaluation: "the exhibition made a complete success, showing the not the same wonderful." And the focus of the exhibition presents 7 major highlights: good theme, good location, good location, high specifications, high quality, new form, good organization. The exhibition won the unanimous praise of the exhibitors: it is worth to participate in the exhibition!
During the exhibition, a total of more than 1256 exhibitors, covering 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, 11 foreign exhibitors, professional visitors 50 thousand people. As the only one car, minicar authentic accessories exposition, 3 days, received a total of professional audience from more than 10 countries of about 4 million passengers, turnover of 7.8 billion, number have been far more than last year, professional buyers, dealers, and the local business association and the city auto parts group to the scene participation concept of procurement, purchasing power are most of the calendar year. As one of the auto industry's well-known event, 2015 China international car, minicar authentic accessories exposition can be described as elite gathered, a warm atmosphere, the various exhibitors, a variety of new products to compete, this year's exhibition pushed to a new climax.
The introduction of 2016 China international car, minicar genuine Accessories Expo
"2016 China international car, mini car genuine accessories fair" held the stage will be for the auto industry to provide a high quality product display, product innovation, technical exchanges, trade negotiations and brand publicity.
Is expected to "2016 China international car, minicar accessories exposition" number of exhibitors and professional audience will be greatly increased, to strive for the ideal display position, please exhibitors to sign up as soon as possible, the organizer will according to the registration payment sequence allocation of booth.
The Chinese international car, minicar genuine Accessories Expo highlights
2016 - Dongxin auto show has been held 5 sessions, the scale and influence, professional are increasing year by year.
- inviting experts to carry out more than a forum, seminars, to discuss the industry development strategy.
- ningxinjuli, pragmatic and effective propaganda, build a docking platform for auto parts industry.
- the exhibition has become a large number of domestic and foreign brands to launch new technologies to showcase new products.
The 218 well-known media full participation reports, for the promotion of authentic power auto platform.

The extraordinary advantage of industry - Henan
Up to now, Henan motor vehicle ownership reached about 18700000, ranking third in the country. Among them, the Zhengzhou motor vehicle ownership reached 2 million 570 thousand, has more than Xi'an, Wuhan, Nanjing and other cities, close to the first tier cities, such as Guangzhou.
Zhengzhou air port based freight hub
Zhengzhou Nissan based passenger car base
Zhengzhou hippocampus car based passenger car bContact way of organizing committee

Sedan car and mini car parts: engine system, driving system, chassis system, transmission system, braking system, steering system, electrical system, body and interior decorations etc.
Automotive electronics and modification, maintenance and test equipment, emergency power supply, video navigation, both inside and outside the trim parts, performance modification, grille, bumper, luggage rack, balance draw rod, air intake, exhaust and turbo etc..
Automotive energy saving and environmental protection and new energy technologies and products, related software, media, certification, financial and insurance institutions, etc.

Contact way of organizing committee
Address: Zhengzhou city Jinshui District Tian Rong Auto Parts City No. A78-8
Tele: 0371-55638108 Fax: 0371-55690333
Contact: Jin Lu 18638519760 QQ online: 1615158546
For more details, please log in 2016 Chinese international car, minicar genuine Accessories Expo www.ciaaff.org
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2017 the 6th international China cars, mini car genuine Accessories Expo

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