As an important part of the Arabia international medical equipment exhibition, the exhibition area increased from 6000 square meters to 8000 square meters this year. More and more exhibitors focus on laboratory equipment and inspection reagents.
Exhibitors through the exhibition platform to bring more of the world's leading laboratory equipment and product testing, MEDLAB become more middle east laboratory equipment and inspection industry's leading exhibition, attracted more than 15% of the Arab international medical equipment exhibition visitors visit the site.

Family health products and small health care instrument: family health care products, small household diagnosis, monitoring, treatment instrument, rehabilitation, physiotherapy instruments and supplies, electronic medical instruments, dental appliances, hospital office supplies, sports medicine activities.
The United Arab Emirates is a rich oil exporter in the Middle East, with a per capita GDP of 30000 US dollars. But its economic structure is a single, external dependence on imports of goods, especially medical equipment, almost all rely on imports. In addition, it also pursues the policy of free trade, namely the government of import and export trade activities do not intervene, restriction and protection, allowing the free commodity import and export; there is no limit to the national foreign exchange revenue and expenditure, can be freely convertible circulation; entrepot trade at the rate of 1%, within 6 months re exported to in other parts of the goods can be tax-free. Dubai is the Middle East's largest trade center and transit goods distribution center, the geographical position is superior, the market radiation wide, so it is known as "the world's largest free zone",
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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates


2020 Medlab

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