The American International Union of Clinical Chemistry - International Federation of Clinical Chemistry is an international scientific and medical organization. The members of the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry are: clinical laboratory specialists, physicians, medical researchers, and people involved in clinical chemistry and clinical laboratory science.

The International Clinical Laboratory Equipment Exhibition organized by the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry is an important international academic conference and medical equipment expo in the field of clinical laboratory testing. Each year, the Expo has more than 700 exhibitors at more than 2,000 booths. The AACC Expo exhibits a large number of the latest world clinical laboratory inspection technology equipment and in vitro diagnostic products. The American International Clinical Laboratory Medical Equipment Expo has great international influence and attracts more than 20,000 international medical professionals from 110 countries every year. 80% of the audience are leaders and decision makers with purchasing power.

AACC is currently the most important equipment expo in the world's clinical testing field. AACC has become a major venue for the release of new products in the field of clinical testing, and a platform for communication. AACC Annual Meeting has more than 200 seminars, roundtables, short-term education courses, plenary sessions and corporate lectures in the annual theater. In the case of the scale of other major exhibitions in the United States continues to shrink, "International Clinical Laboratory Equipment Exhibition" It has created the highest historical record of the largest number of booths ever.

Participating in AACC will definitely meet your professional needs and find your target customers.

The United States is the world's largest producer and consumer of medical devices, supplying 40% of medical equipment to the world market, and consuming 37% of medical equipment in the global market. The AACC Annual Meeting/International Clinical Laboratory Testing Equipment Exhibition organized by the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry is an important international academic conference and equipment exhibition in the field of clinical testing. The International Clinical Laboratory Testing Equipment Exhibition is the world's largest professional exhibition dedicated to clinical laboratory testing equipment and services. Participation in this exhibition will promote the development of laboratory research and production in China's clinical laboratories, understand the latest level and dynamics of clinical laboratory testing technology and products, and promote wider exchanges and cooperation between China and the international community. And extensive contacts with professionals engaged in international clinical laboratory testing research.

In vitro diagnostic apparatus (IVD) in vitro diagnostic reagents, biochemical instruments, chemical reagents, chromatographs, food safety detectors, amino acid sequencers, DNA synthesizers, microplate readers, fermentation equipment, extraction equipment, separation equipment, purification equipment, biopharmaceuticals Instruments, consumables, diagnostic equipment, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, electronic and optical microscopes, spectrometers, spectrometers, X-ray analytical instruments, injection analysis instruments, electrolytes, toxicology and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), immunoassays, And robotics, endocrine testing, cancer testing, blood glucose testing, DNA analysis, enzymology, molecular diagnostics, hematology and hemostasis, heart disease testing, infectious disease testing, medical genomics, informatics

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AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

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Organizers  American Association for Clinical Chemistry
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