ExpoMedical is the largest medical products exhibition in Argentina and the most important medical industry exhibition in South America and Spanish. The exhibition started in 2003 and is held annually. ExpoMedical radiates throughout South America: countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay that are developing towards industrialized countries are the best way for companies to develop medical markets in Argentina and throughout South America. 2012 ExpoMedical attracted nearly 300 exhibitors from 12 countries, including 78 international exhibitors and 14,433 exhibitors. The exhibition has achieved remarkable results.

Argentina is the second largest country in Latin America after Brazil. It has a population of nearly 40 million. It has 12,000 hospitals, 180,000 beds, 120,000 doctors and 35,000 nurses. A total of 180,000 medical practitioners are per capita in Latin America. The country with the highest proportion of doctors

Although Argentina has a relatively developed medical system, the local medical product manufacturing industry is weak, 50% of medical products are dependent on imports, and the annual investment in high-tech medical equipment is maintained at an annual growth rate of 15%.

l Medical equipment: medical equipment, electronic medical equipment, diagnostic equipment of various departments, testing instruments, medical optical instruments, X-ray equipment, imaging equipment, scanning equipment, nuclear magnetic resonance, ultrasonic diagnosis, clinical laboratory analysis equipment, hemodialysis equipment, dental equipment , anesthesia breathing equipment, insertion diagnosis, dialysis equipment, etc.

l Medical supplies: disposable medical supplies, consumables, syringes, blood transfusion devices, sanitary napkins, bandages, masks, bandages, earpieces, medical ambulances, operating room supplies, work clothes, medical kits, gloves, various medical scalpels, pliers, Scissors, teeth, bone grinding, drilling tools, small electronic instruments, testing equipment and accessories, orthopedic surgery, medical beds, surgical supplies, cleaning technology, ambulance supplies, bandages, wound dressings, etc.

l First-aid supplies: first-aid equipment, emergency equipment, medical products, drugs, infusions, disinfectants, blood derivatives, nutraceuticals, dermatological drugs, veterinary drugs, straps, medical dressings, surgical dressings, plasters, etc.

l Dental care: dental hygiene products, testing equipment, dental treatment equipment and equipment, dentures and related materials, dental implant technology and equipment, etc.

l Laboratory equipment: laboratory equipment, analytical equipment, refrigeration equipment, microscope, vibration mixing device, centrifuge, various reagents, test paper, test tubes (glass, plastic), pharmacy, disinfection cabinet, heating equipment, etc.

l Health products: fitness equipment, health beds, walkers, massagers, medical bathtubs, eye masks, crutches, health clothing, shoes and insoles, physical therapy, medicines, supplements, family health products, etc.

l Nursing equipment: ward equipment, oxygen ambulance equipment, patient observation room equipment, nursing products and equipment, patient calling system, patient file inquiry system, and patient care equipment, pharmacy equipment, hospital communication equipment, etc.

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Argentina ExpoMedical 2019

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