Florida is located in the southeastern United States, and the import and export of medical products is one of the state's important economic indicators, and medical product manufacturing is also one of the state's important industries. As a result, the International Medical Equipment Show (FIME) held the show in Miami, the industrial and commercial center of Florida, once a year, and has been 25 years old. In 2015, FIME participated in 1563 exhibitors from more than 90 countries and about 10,000 buyers. FIME was named one of the 50 fastest growing exhibitions by Trade Show Weeks, the largest trade show for medical equipment and equipment in the Southeastern United States. The FIME show is characterized by both regional and international. In addition to exhibitors and professional visitors from Florida, the show uses Miami's unique location adjacent to the Caribbean Sea to attract a large number of exhibitors and professional visitors from South American countries, as many products are re-exported to the Caribbean countries via Miami.

The United States is the world's largest producer and consumer of medical devices. It supplies 40% of the world's medical equipment and consumes 37% of the world's medical equipment. The value of medical equipment in the United States is growing at a rate of 5-8% per year, with a trade surplus of approximately $5 billion. The characteristics of American medical equipment manufacturers are the use of advanced technology to produce high-performance equipment and high investment in research and development of new products. Surgery and medical instruments are the largest category of medical equipment industry in the United States, accounting for 36% of its output value. The products mainly include anesthesia equipment, slicing instruments, sphygmomanometers, blood transfusion equipment, endotoscopes (non-electronic), catheters, and surgery. Fixtures, diagnostic instruments, hemodialysis equipment, hypodermic syringes, respiratory therapy equipment, operating tables, oxygen cylinders, suction devices, bone plates, screws, etc. In order to reduce production costs, many medical device manufacturers in the United States choose to import medical components with lower technical levels.
      Chinese companies can import related materials from the United States, and then export the products to the United States, such as medical catheters, surgical and dental equipment. Due to the prevalence of home health care, the research and development of low-tech products is valued. Chinese companies can export home medical products to the United States, such as insulin injection equipment, sphygmomanometers, and easy-to-use patients, carrying lightweight and highly efficient medical supplies; low-cost medical products have a huge market in the southeastern United States because many products Re-exported to the Caribbean countries via the city of Miami. Companies can participate in medical exhibitions in the southeastern United States, such as FIME, to sell their products to the southeastern United States or directly to countries in the Caribbean.

Therapeutic instruments and accessories, detection and analysis diagnostic instruments and accessories, electronic medical instruments, medical furniture, laboratory supplies, medical supplies, dental aids, nursing and rehabilitation equipment, monitoring instruments, orthopedic equipment, ophthalmic equipment, dental equipment, cleaning and disinfection Sterilization products, medical packaging, biochemical products, home care, needle cotton fabrics, pharmaceuticals and nutritional health products.

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