The Kuala Lumpur 2019 exhibition is located in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in the heart of Malaysia. It is expected to be from Australia, Austria, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, China, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United Kingdom. And the United States, and other countries participated in the exhibition. Once a year, it has been held for 21 sessions. This exhibition is one of the most famous exhibitions in the region and an important channel for Chinese companies to explore the Malaysian market.

In 2011, the Malaysian medical materials market was US$1.216 billion. Imports are highly dependent. It is estimated that it will reach US$1.879 billion in 2016 and a compound growth rate of 9.1% in 2011-2016. Overall, due to the global economic climate, there was a slight decline in the medical materials market in 2009, but there was strong growth in 2010, up 18% from the previous year.

Analysis of the product structure of the Malaysian medical material market can be found mainly in other types of medical materials, accounting for 36.8% of the overall market; followed by medical consumables products, accounting for about 27%; and further diagnostic imaging products. About 18.4%, while assistive devices, orthopedics and implants, and dental products accounted for 10.7%, 3.9%, and 3.1%.

In addition, Malaysia has actively promoted medical tourism in recent years, with as many as 670,000 people seeking medical services only in 2012. The Malaysian government also plans to upgrade the existing 114 state-owned medical institutions, 7 special medical centers and 225 private private hospitals. At the same time, 40 emerging hospitals are also actively planning to build. Other health-related rehabilitation products related to bioengineering, telemedicine technology systems, consumer health products, education and training, and the need to respond to the aging population structure are the industries with great future demand in the country.

Medical and hospital equipment: institutional equipment, dental products, disposable items, medical clothing, care products, etc.

Electronic medical equipment: anesthesia instruments, audiometry, sphygmomanometers, laser equipment, surgical equipment, scanning equipment...

Medical laboratory: analytical instruments, microbiology, blood analysis, biochemical equipment, etc.

Rehabilitation and home care: assistive and physical therapy equipment, rehabilitation equipment, orthodontic equipment, sports facilities, wheelchairs, etc.

Pharmaceutical products: consumer products and herbal products, etc.

Beauty products: beauty medical equipment and equipment, fitness equipment, salons, health Spat products and equipment, health food, etc.

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Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia, Malaysia


Southeast Asian healthcare & Pharma Show 2019

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Organizers ABC Exhibitions Int'l Sales Office
Period  Once a year
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