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SMEs' international market development funds (referred to as market development funds, formerly known as small and medium-sized funds) support Chinese enterprises to explore the international market in the form of participating in overseas exhibitions, and to provide post-subsidy subsidies for the booth fees paid by exhibiting companies.

Subsidy object:
1. Obtain the qualification of enterprise legal person according to law, and have the right to import and export;
2. The import and export volume of customs statistics in the previous year was below US$65 million, with a sound financial management system and a sound financial management record;
3. Personnel who specialize in foreign trade and economic business and have basic skills in foreign economic relations and trade have clear working arrangements and market development plans for exploring the international market.

Online declaration
1. Newly registered enterprise: Register online registration of foreign trade and economic development special fund network management system www.smeimdf.org.cn, register and register the registration form and carry the business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, foreign trade operation The registration form and the customs registration certificate (one copy of each) shall be reviewed by the Foreign Trade Section of the Bureau of Commerce, and the qualifications of the enterprise shall be publicized after the examination is passed. After the enterprise qualification is publicized, log on to the online management system for foreign trade and economic development special funds www.smeimdf.org.cn to declare online and fill out the application form for retaliation.
2. Registered enterprises: directly log on to the foreign trade and economic development special fund network management system www.smeimdf.org.cn online declaration, fill out the fund retaliation application form.
The output of the project "application form" is printed and stamped with the official seal of the unit, and the written materials required for project declaration are sorted and submitted into a book.
(2) Reporting of materials
According to the "SMEs International Market Development Fund Application Materials Requirements", the paper materials for the corresponding items are prepared in duplicate (all official seals, invoices and remittance vouchers need to be stamped with the financial chapter). All materials shall be bound to the Xinghua Business Bureau in the order of the paper materials specified in the Registration Form - Funding Project Disbursement Application Form - "SME International Market Development Fund Filing Material Requirements" document.
Application details 
 (1) Overseas exhibition projects
(1) A copy of the booth contract signed with the organizer (should have the number of booths, booth area, etc.);
(2) Notice of fee or payment notice issued by the organizer (should include information such as booth fee and other participation fees);
 (3) A confirmation letter from the organizer regarding the booth area and booth fee;
 (4) A copy of the passport of the exhibitor (including the passport page, visa page and entry date page);
 (5) The legal vouchers of the actual expenses incurred by the project, including a copy of the invoice and a copy of the bank payment receipt (with the financial chapter of the application unit), if the foreign exchange payment should provide a copy of the application for overseas remittance;
(6) Photos during the exhibition.

Special statement: The above information is based on the comprehensive letter of the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance, Commercial Letter [2006] No. 37 and related documents, for reference only. The interpretation of the SME International Market Development Fund Document is subject to the final interpretation of its management department.