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The annual medical equipment exhibition MEDI PHARM has been held from 2018-12-06 to 2018-12-08. The organizer of the international exhibition is Vietnam National Trade Exhibition and Advertising Company. The exhibition venue is located in Xinping Convention and Exhibition Center. It is expected that the number of merchants will be attracted to 11,000 passengers and the number of exhibitors will be around 200.
 At present, 90% of Ho Chi Minh's medical products in Vietnam rely on imports, of which medical products with diagnostic imaging account for the largest, accounting for 23%. X-ray imaging diagnostic equipment is the crown of diagnostic imaging, and it is also the fastest growing medical product for import transactions. Secondly, it is orthopedic and artificially transplanted medical products, as well as artificial organs. In the past, medical consumables, such as syringes, have been gradually produced on their own. Therefore, the demand for medical products by Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam has gradually shifted from medical consumables to technology-oriented high-end medical products.
 Due to its professionalism and high-quality professional audience, Vietnam Medical Equipment Exhibition has attracted more and more foreign companies including China to enter the Vietnamese market through such a professional platform and achieve substantial results!


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