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The Philippines FDA No Longer Requires Physical Samples for Medical Device Registration
Views588 Release time2018/10/18

Product samples are no longer required for The Philippines medical device registration process as part of the application requirements. Adequate pictures or line drawings may be used in lieu of physical specimens for registration. This change streamlines the application process by eliminating the need to import an unregistered  medical device.

President Rodrigo Duterte appointed Charade Galang-Puno as the new Director General of the Philippines Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Galang-Puno is one of 42 appointees sworn in on Monday, August 15 at the Malacañang Palace in Manila.

No significant changes to medical device policies or procedures are expected due to the new appointment. The Philippines remains on course with efforts to harmonize their medical device regulations in accordance with the ASEAN Medical Devices Directive.