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Eastcom Exhibition Group Exhibition Report on site
Views230 Release time2018/10/22

   The 31st Indonesian Medical Supplies and Hospital Equipment Exhibition (HOSPITAL EXPO) was opened in Jakarta on the 17th yesterday!
    Hospital Expo is the most professional and influential medical industry exhibition in Indonesia. The content of the exhibition is complete, and the quality of exhibitors and professional visitors is high and the influence is great. With a 31-year history, the exhibition has become a professional cooperation platform for suppliers and buyers in the industry and international medical manufacturing companies!


Advantages of Chinese medical device companies entering Indonesia

1. China's medical device innovation capability has been enhanced, and breakthroughs have been made in high-end imaging equipment, advanced treatment and operating room equipment, medical consumables and other key areas;
Second, with the advancement of the One Belt, One Road strategy, the economic cooperation between China and India has ushered in a rare historical opportunity;
Third, the advancement of the Indonesian National Health Insurance Plan has led to a rapid increase in the number of medical institutions and an increase in equipment demand;
4. Indonesian imported medical devices are subject to a tariff of 0 to 5% and a value-added tax of 10%. However, since 2010, most of the products of China and Indonesia are exempt from customs duties, including most of the machinery and equipment;
5. The Indonesian government launched an electronic catalogue programming system to apply for product registration through the Indonesian National Single Window Database (INSW), which is linked to the Indonesian Customs database, simplifying the registration process for foreign-invested companies.