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5. The 9-valent HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine was placed on the Luohu Adult Vaccination Clinic under the Luohu Hospital of Shenzhen on August 16 and officially opened for appointment at 12 noon on the same day. (Yangcheng Evening News)
6. On August 15, Harbin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. released its 2018 semi-annual report. Harbin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s revenue declined for five consecutive years, and R&D investment was far lower than its peers. (Sina Medical News)
7. Ant Financial Service Block Chain and Aerospace Information Testing Water Block Chain Medical Electronic Bills Service. In the past two weeks, nearly 600,000 medical electronic bills have been sent to patients or swept out by patients. (arterial network)
8. Google is developing a wearable health and fitness assistant called Google Coach. It not only tracks the user's movements, but also uses artificial intelligence and the data it learns from users to guide a healthy lifestyle. (arterial network)
9. On August 17, the research team of the Department of Biomedicine of the City University of Hong Kong developed a new technology to help treat various cancers. The use of red blood cells in the human body to produce a large number of extracellular vesicles, as a carrier for transporting cancer drugs, achieved results. Eighty percent, cost and treatment costs are only 1% of the old technology. The research team has demonstrated in mice that the technology does not produce any side effects.