Sales Assistant
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Job Requirements:

1. Responsible for developing markets, developing new customers, and maintaining and enhancing existing customer relationships;

2. Collection, analysis and arrangement of customer data; communication with customers through telephone, mail, fax, etc., inviting customers to participate in exhibition activities;

3. Implement the work plan formulated by the company, complete the work tasks on time and in volume, and report to the superiors on a regular basis;

4. Conduct in-depth communication with customers on the exhibition situation, sign contracts and complete the sales process.


1. Technical secondary school or above, more than one year sales experience is preferred;

2. Putonghua standard, clear articulation, skilled computer operation;

3. Have good communication and resilience, can withstand strong work pressure, and have a sense of responsibility;

4. Cheerful, happy to accept challenges, full of work passion.

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