Sales Supervisor
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Job Requirements:
1. According to the requirements of the project manager, complete the sales performance indicators of the project team;
2. Selling the company and the products of the exhibition through telephone communication;
3. Liaison and communication with existing clients of the project team;
4. According to the company's requirements, complete the number of calls and the number of posts per day;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.

1. College degree or above, male or female, no restrictions on household registration;
2. More than one year sales experience in exhibition industry or foreign trade industry, especially those with international exhibition sales experience;
3, Mandarin standard, articulate fluent, extroverted, strong and active communication skills;
4, diligent and eager to learn, comprehension ability, positive progress, can withstand strong work pressure.
5, proficient in and use office office software.

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